Information published according to the commercial law § 5111:
Commercial register card No. 1 has been opened in Tartu County Court
Registration Department in respect of UATL Private Research University OÜ
Entry 1: Approved on 30.11.2005 (first entry)
Registry code: EE11195538,
Legal status: active
Enter UATL® Private Research University, I.M. Medical Science Department.
Bakhtiyar Azhken Talgatuly – internal oncology diagnostic
Madinova Meruyert Baurzhanovna ­– external oncology diagnostic
Simona Neilande – Gerontology and Alzheimer's disease
Enter UATL® Private Research University, High energy physics.
Risto Orava ­– High energy physics at UH, HIP and CERN.
Eugene Bichert – optometric research
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